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Level II RT Qualification

We provide third party qualification assuring our customers that their NDT subcontractors have the knowledge and skill level necessary to perform an inspection. 

Radiographic TestingRadiographic Testing (RT)

Radiographic Qualification Examinations includes

    •  General Exam - is a closed book examination that covers the basic principles of the radiographic test method.  Included are questions related to: film density, contrast, latitude, film processing, sensitivity, film definition, and radiation safety considerations.
    • Specific Exam - Written examination covering the ability to read, interpret and apply specifications, procedures, and codes to industrial radiographic inspection.
    • Film Interpretation - Review film to find and report flaws according to written specification.

NDT Training

NDT Training – Central NDT Training is in accordance with SNT-TC-1A, CP-189 or tailored to your company’s specific needs. These courses cover the basic theory and application of each method to applicable codes/standards. Equipment is provided for hands-on lab exercises in all methods. Workbooks and testing materials are provided for each course. We currently offer Level I & II courses in the following methods:

Radiographic Testing (RT) and Film Interpretation    Radiographic Testing (RT) – Two day course on film Interpretation of weldments
  • Image Quality Indicators and film identification
  • Film density measurement
  • Film artifacts
  • Geometric unsharpness
  • Origin and typical orientation of weldment discontinuities
  • Identification and classification of defects found in pipeline weldments
  • Evaluating acceptability of defects to specific codes

Radiographic Testing (RT) and Film Interpretation   Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) - This 20 hour course provides level I & II training in Magnetic
Particle Testing. The course starts with the basic theory of magnetism and continues through its
many applications for the testing of ferromagnetic materials.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Limited Certification - This 8 hour course provides specific
training in the use of the Yoke method for Magnetic Particle Testing.
The information presented in this course meets the requirements of a level IIa limited certification.

Radiographic Testing (RT) and Film Interpretation   Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) – This 12 hour course provides level I & II training in liquid penetrant 
inspection meeting the requirements of SNT-TC-1A. This course starts with the theory of capillarity,
and discusses the various types and methods of dye penetrant testing.
Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) Limited Certification Visible Penetrant – This 8 hour course
in liquid penetrant inspection is a limited certification training course meeting the requirements of
SNT-TC-1A. Type II, Method C is a visible dye method widely used due to its portability.

Radiographic Testing (RT) and Film Interpretation   Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT) – Ultrasonic thickness testing is for technicians without shearwave
training or experience. This is a 8 hour special limited certification training course meeting the
requirements of SNT-TC-1A level IIa. The material covered is focused on wall thickness measurement
techniques using digital readout displays.


Cancellation Policy
Courses are subject to minimum enrollments. If the minimum numbers of enrollments are not met, Central NDT reserves the right to cancel the session and offers your choice of a full refund or transfer to another date. 

A full refund will be granted with written notification of cancellation a minimum of ten business days prior to the course start date. Only 50% refund will be granted for written notification of reschedules or cancellation five to nine business days before the class start date. If a student reschedules or cancels a program four business days or fewer before the class start date no refund will be given.

Upcoming Classes:
Magnetic Particle Testing (MPI) - 20 hour course (2.5 days) Level I & II - $650 per person – September 21-23
Liquid Penetrant Testing (LPI) - 12 hour course (1.5 days) Level I & II - $500 per person – September 23-24
Ultrasonic Thickness (digital readout) – 8 hour course (1 day) Level IIa - $300 per person – September 25

All three above in a 4.5 day course - $1150 per person
Schedule: September 21-25th
Monday: MPI (8am-5pm)
Tuesday: MPI (8am-5pm)
Wednesday: MPI (8am-12 noon) /LPI (1pm-5pm)
Thursday: LPI (8am-5pm)
Friday: UTT (8am-5pm)

Dan Lake has over 20 years of field and management experience in the Oil & Gas industry. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering technology from Oklahoma State. He is an AWS Certified Welding Inspector and an ASNT Level III in Radiographic Testing and Ultrasonic Testing. He has worked for multiple NDT pipeline companies with positions held both onshore and offshore as an NDT technician, Level III auditor, supervisor, and trainer.

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